Import file fzz

Hello everyone. I have the following problem. I want to import an ‘fzz’ file but the only files that allows are: ‘fzpz’, ‘fzb’ anf ‘fzbz’. For some reason these allowed files don’t open. In fact i want the library of water level sensor (the red). So, what can i do for it?

What do you mean by “import”? For a sketch (a .fzz file) you want to do File->open->fzz-file.fzz (or double click on the .fzz file (assuming your file associations are set to launch Fritzing for .fzz files.) That should open the sketch.


I undestand you, but i mean that i want to “add” the water level sensor as component because it doesn’t exists. So i have to do import a new file.

A .fzz file isn’t a part and thus can’t be added. If the sketch contains a water level sensor custom part then the part will appear in the temp parts bin in the right window. Right click on the water level part in the bin and select Export Part to write the part as a .fzpz file. You can then import the .fzpz file to the mine parts bin by File->open->part.fzpz or double click on it if file associations are set.


So this is a good advice but the sketch doesn’t contain any water level sensor. That’s why i want to add it as a component.

A sketch is not a part, so you will need to either find a water sensor part or make one. A google search for “fritzing part water level sensor” should find existing parts (there are a number around as I recall.) If you have a specific one you want to use put its model number in to the google search.


So, actually i want this one:
water level sensor 1

I searched about this and i found this file:
Test_water_sensor.fzz (35.7 KB)

But unfortunately this file i can’t import it.

Sure you can, exactly as I stated. Load the sketch in to Fritzing. In the temp parts bin you find the part for the water sensor (because it isn’t in core parts.)

right click on the part in the temp parts bin and select export part

That will prompt you for a file name for the part (its title by default) and a directory to store the part in. You can then load the resulting part file as described to put it in the mine parts bin. You can also just move the part from the temp parts bin to the mine parts bin if you wish. A google search of the form “fritzing part water level sensor” then select images indicates the part is also available from this site:



Hmm so i did that and when i do import the file i want, i get a message “this component has already been loaded in skecth”, but i don’t find it. Maybe i should search better?

You still have the sketch open that the part was exported from. That is where the “already loaded” is coming from. Close all Fritzing windows, then restart Fritzing. The import should now work. If it doesn’t, pieces of the part are likely in the user parts folders, and will need manual cleanup. There are notes around about doing that, but I can not find a reference at the moment. Post again if closing and restarting Fritzing is not enough to get the import to work.

After getting the import to work, be sure to save the imported parts, and changes to the “MINE” bin the next time you exit Fritzing. Otherwise the imported part is lost again, and will need another import.

So i did that and unfortunately i get the same message although that i have closed the fritzing sketch. Where can i find the user parts folders? Sorry i’m asking this but i use fritzing first time, so i am new.

Assuming you are on Windows you will need to set file explorer to show hidden files like this

by default it will be “Don’t show hidden files” then click Apply. That done, If you don’t have any parts in the mine parts bin already that you want to keep, then this is the easy way to do what you need:

There are two user directories (with your parts and the parts database) which don’t get touched during an install (to not affect your sketches during upgrades). On Windows they are in

c:\users\username\AppData\Fritzing\roaming\Fritzing (which is a hidden directory so you need to enable hidden directories in explorer) and

c:\Users\username\My Documents\Fritzing (where username is your windows id)

If you don’t have any parts or sketches you want to keep you can just delete those two directories and Fritzing will recreate them, or you can move them aside by renaming them if you want to keep something in them.





If you have parts you want to keep in the mine parts bin, then you need to delete any of these files that are still in the


directory like this to get rid of the temp directory files like this:

with those files gone you should then be able to load the .fzpz file.


I didn’t that, it’s seems very impressive! So i did that, and i found this floder:

hidden folder

I notice that there is a water sensor but hasn’t the icon of fritzing. Shoud i do something for this or it’s ok? (this sketch is what i found on the internet). In other message i will send you my sketch.

My sketch is this:

hidden folder_2

In my sketch there is not exist the water sensor. So, this is a problem?

First check to see if you have more than one Fritzing open (it is possible to have multiple copies of Fritizng open at once.)

here if I click on the Fritzing icon in the tool bar it shows me that I have two Fritzing instances open. If you do have two Fritizings open, close both of them and see if that fixes the problem. it is unusual but not unknown for Fritzing to not correctly delete the temp files. However deleting the files with Fritizng still running can corrupt the database in Fritzing and require clearing the user files. If that is not the case, then the problem is here in the first file listing above. The reason Fritzing won’t load the water sensor is that it thinks it already has the files in that directory (which may be open in a second copy of Fritzing, in which case you want to close that copy of Fritzing first!) If there isn’t a second copy of Fritzing running then deleting all the files circled in red in the image below should clear the problem. Do this with all copies of Fritzing closed.

What may be a safer method is to shut down Fritizng then rename the AppData\Roaming\Fritzing director to AppData\Roaming\Fritzing.old . When you restart Fritzing it will create a new AppData\Roaming\Fritzing directory without the files in it and you should be able to load the water sensor. If something goes wrong, you can shut down Fritzing and rename AppData\Roaming\Fritzing.old to AppData\Roaming\Fritzing and you will be back where you are now.


Unfortunately I did not make it. What I did is this: I exported the water sensor and put it in my own sketch folder (c: \ users \ username \ AppData \ Fritzing \ roaming \ Fritzing \ Fzz \ f6a13154ae2e0bd166565baf5f5fa552) because there is everything I need. So when I did that and loaded the sensor I got the message: unable to read the file. I did all the above while I had the copies of the fritzing closed. From what I understand, it is not possible to open any files fzpz.

Correct, this won’t work. The Fritzing loader needs to put the files in the c: \ users \ username \ AppData \ Fritzing \ roaming \ Fritzing \ Fzz \ f6a13154ae2e0bd166565baf5f5fa552) or Fritzing won’t know that they are there. I think the only thing that is going to work at this point is for you to clear the user directories. If you don’t have anything you want to keep in the mine parts bin, then just delete the AppData\Fritzing\ and My Documents\Fritzing directories with Fritzing shut down. Then when you start Fritzing the next time File->load->water-sensor.fzpz should load the water sensor in to your mine parts bin like this:

Here I exported the .fzpz file from the original sketch to downloads then closed and restarted Fritzing. Then I clicked File->Open and navigated to the downloads folder and clicked on Water Level Sensor.fzpz

that causes the part to be loaded in to the mine parts bin like this:

Now I shut down Fritizng to save the contents of the mine parts bin here select save to save the part you just loaded.

and Fritzing shuts down. Now restart Fritzing

here we see there is a new bin called mine, so click on it and in it you will find the water sensor part ready to drag in to a sketch and use.

and now you should be away. I always advise to keep a copy of the water sensor.fzpz file outside of Fritzing so if the user directories get corrupted and you have to clear them you can easily reload the parts.


Oοps…i noticed that i haven’t choice : “MINE” in my column. Look at this:

stili fritzing

stili fritzing 2

I don’t know why i haven’t the choice : “MINE” it’s little wird. That’s why i can’t load the water sensor (i think). I hadn’t seen it before, sorry.

I expect if you don’t have any parts in the mine parts bin it won’t exist. If you clear the user directories and then load the water sensor.fzpz file it should create a mine parts bin and put the water sensor in it.


Hmm ok i will search how i can clear the user directories and i will tell you.