IEC style resistor symbol

Hi there,
I use Fritzing to design learning material to teach Arduino to beginners.
One thing is problematic: how can I have IEC (a.k.a. euro style) schematics symbols for resistors and resistor-related (e.g. potentiometers)?
Even for the most basic of these (those in the “basic” catergories) I can’t find the option to change the zig-zag to the rectangle style.
What did I miss?
Thanks for reading!

I don’t think Fritzing currently supports the IEC format (circled in red here) only the NEMA type symbol.

you could make a custom part for it, but the Fritzing resistors have special code that provides the color bands and that probably won’t work on your custom part.


Currently, IEC-style symbols are not supported. There is a request for them in the bug tracker:

@vanepp , the special code is triggered if the module ID of the part ends in “ResistorModuleID”. So, if you make a new part with a moduleID of, for example, IEC_Style_v0_ResistorModuleID, (I think, did not test it) that the part should work OK.

Thanks for the replies!
It’s quite puzzling why such a basic feature wasn’t included from the beginning.
If I make my own IEC versions of the parts, I’ll try to share them on the forum.

Parts editor currently doesn’t support editing bendable leg parts so I will have a look at making a IEC resistor part (as it is somewhat complex if you aren’t familiar with making parts…)


Not as easy as it should be. This part does most of what you want, but won’t change the resistance value in Inspector and I don’t know why.


figured out why. The moduleId (unlike most of the others) wants prefix extensions not postfix. This fixed part now looks to work correctly and set the resistance in Inspector as expected.

resistor-iecschematic.fzpz (3.1 KB)