I see this part used in posted Fritzing projects - cannot find it :-(

Hi all,
I see the part DS3231 RTC module (AT24C32 IIc) used in several Fritzing projects published around the net - but I cannot locate the Fritzing part for it to use in my project.

Can anyone point me in the right direction
(To much of a NOOB to try to create it :slight_smile: )



Link to pic of module (http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/DS3231-AT24C32-IIC-Module-Precision-Real-Time-Clock-Memory-Module-For-Arduino/428050_32425626343.html)

It it pin compatible with other I2C RTC modules. The DS1307 is also I2C.
not sure if the pins are in the same order.

Who fabricates those DS3231’s? maybe you could ask if they have it already as fritzing part or eventually start to create one yourself? (if you have time for it)

Please follow this thread, you will find a least two examples for that part.