AC to 3.3V 700mA Power Supply Part?

Does anyone have a fritzing part for an AC to 3.3V 700mA power supply like this one:

Its not too likely. Do you have a data sheet that shows where the terminals are preferably with dimensions? If you have a model number a google search for “fritzing part model number” would likely find any existing part that is available.


This is a en-expense Banggood, Aliexpress part. I don’t think there typically have model numbers unfortunately. But, I would like an icon for it too.

“5V 700mA 3.5W AC-DC” or 800mA

Additional good pics:

As it happens I have a bunch of these in various voltages, currents and shapes. Thus a generic part that isn’t any of them. If you need the pcb view, you will need to edit the pcb svg with Inkscape to match the particular board you have. If (as I expect will be common) you aren’t mounting it on a pcb and it is only single voltage (some of mine are multi output), this should work as is.

generic-ac-power-supply.fzpz (5.0 KB)