I look for the GY-86 sensor and the BN-220 GPS modul

Dear all,

I look for the GY-86 sensor and the BN-220 GPS modul for the OpenXsensor project.

Can some were help me with the drawings ?

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These two should work for some things. The gps should be fine as is, pcb for it is a 4 pin .1in header (the connector is actually 1mm but won’t fit on a pcb.) The GY-86 should be correct circuit wise, but the mounting hole and connector locations are just a guess and almost certainly wrong. If you could measure and supply the diameter of the mounting hole and the offsets in x and y from the edge of the board, and the x and y offsets from the edge of the board to the .1 connectors I will correct the position of both.

edit: Got a better data sheet (below) so replaced the url to point to the data sheet and changed the mounting hole positions slightly in pcb. Note the mounting hole is only on silkscreen, if you want a real hole you need to drag a hole (from the core parts bin pcb section) in to your sketch and size and place it over the hole in silkscreen.

GY-86.fzpz (10.8 KB)

bn-220- GPS-module.fzpz (6.4 KB)


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Dear Peter,

Thanks a lot for your fast help.

Now, the size is 17 * 22mm and the hole are 3 mm with a corner distanz from around 1mm.

On this Link, you will see a datasheet with a difference of the size.

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That is what is needed. I’ll fix up the part and repost it.