Howto create Custom part (pot)


I am very new at fritzing.

To complete a project I need a custom made part.
I tried to use the parts editor but I do not know how to start a new item.

2nd attempt was to modify a already existing item.
Using inkscape I was able to success some steps but at the end “copper layer” was not defined.

Can sombody help me to create “BOURNS 3266W”?


Welcome to Fritzing! The first thing to do when you need a part is a google search of the form “fritzing part BOURNS 3266W” which in this case turns up

which is much easier than making a new part. If this part doesn’t suit, post the changes you need and I can make them to that part. In the case where there isn’t a part and you do need to make one here are some tutorials which apply to the current version of Fritzing (many of the tutorials out there are for older version of Fritzing and no longer apply):

parts making is currently poorly documented and quite complex (it took me around a year with constant help from folks in the forum to learn to make parts) so the usual method is try, then post your questions in here and one of us will help you out.


Hi Peter, good morning,

wouw, I did not expect to find this part by google search … great.

I do not need the 90° version, but the pinning and the PCB-position is the same, so it will work.

Thanks so much for help.


Hi again,

I checked the item again …
Unfortunately it is not exactely what I am looking for.
I need the W-variant: BOURNS 3266W
That means the middle pin inot in a row with pin 1 and 3 …

I am still searching … but no result so far.


A new part was needed (fairly trivial for me to do, probably less so for you :slight_smile: .) While I was there I reduced the size of the hole from 0.04in to 0.03in (because the pin is 0.018in according to the data sheet) and moved the middle pin down by .1 in:

Trimpot-#3266w.fzpz (5.9 KB)