How to split a stripboard track at an existing hole

Hi All,

I am very new to Fritzing (like today). I want to uses it to document an exist stripboard for future reference. On the physical board when I want cut the track I use a tool that splits the track at one of the existing holes. When it comes to designing the board in Fritzing I can only find a method to cut the track between two holes.

Is there a method to cut the track at a hole?



In fritzing, Every pin on board is labeled, so you can’t cut/remove a pin/hole…

I think you cut your track like this:

So, in this case you can only leave a hole separated in fritzing, like “2”…


@blue is correct, the cut between two hole is all that is available. Electrically (if not exactly visually) that should do what you want however. In schematic view the two circuits will be identical.


Hi Blue & vanepp,

Thanks for your quick replies, I was being stupid the way you show is the obvious way to do it and has the correct effect.

Thanks again