How to group pads?

This may duplicate AKA asked before.
I decided to create my own proto board .
I can add “pad” , copy and move them together to form a “strip”
Now I need to “group them together” and start making copies.

I cannot find " HOW TO group (pads) " - please help old man - I am probably not seeing the icon…

I think in EAGLE I used “header(s)” to fake strip . I am sure I can fins how fritz does headers.

In general you can left mouse click and drag a selection box around parts to select them as a group. Are you aware that there are various kinds of strip board available in breadboard view (no bottom view though, which is why folks sometimes use pcb view for strip boards.)

inspector (the lower right window will let you modify the size and type to some extent. Clicking between pads will cut/re attach the copper. Headers are in core parts here:

Drag the part in to the sketch and then Inspector will let you set the number of pins and various other parameters. As well I saw (but of course can’t find now :slight_smile: ) a project on github that created perfboards, I don’t remember if it was a google search or a search in the forums that turned up the reference though and I didn’t look at it at all.


thanks peter
yes i am aware there are few strip boards- ready to run - but it does not include the one i am using . It would be nice to have more , but my guess is most people just build / make custom board…or use shields or hats …
and yes i have used the header and it is working as expected
reason i an having trouble grouping- the mouse keep picking the board itself and moving it instead

PS I have deleted the components designation and it make them disappear in schematic but at this point I just need a record of layout , the schematic is secondary

BTW is there any torroid ( just plain donut ) components ?

That unfortunately is fairly normal. The select code isn’t all that exact, and it depends on where the layers are in the part. If silkscreen is below copper1/copper0 then silkscreen selects first which is annoying.

There is the hole component in pcb which will create a pad where you can select the diameter and ring thickness (thickness 0 gives a hole with no copper.) It only exists in pcb which may or may not be what you want. It is easy enough to make a part that is only a donut (in all three views if desired) but you can’t change the size once the part is made.


When I lift the mouse I get dotted lines around all component s OK as individual components but
there seem to be no grabbing point to move it or menu selection to "duplicate " it. Maybe it is somewhere else on the screen…
I am missing a step…

and it is in main menu "Edit - > duplicate

what is left is to move the resultant duplicate as a group…

It looks like you can’t duplicate a selection. The right click to get to duplicate de selects the parts. In pcb it is worse in that pcb is always selected (it looks like any part within the bounding box even partially gets selected) so you have to move the pcb out of the way to select and move a set of parts. This isn’t something I usually do so I may be missing something too :slight_smile: .


that is funny we both are finding the same
I moved the PCB out of the way , used mouse to select the “group” and then used Edit → Duplicate
If I remember correctly the other software - I thing EAGLE version 4 (!) _ you have to say “group this” and that would make dotted lines around the ALL
I also think the components had to be “locked” .
Then mouse will grab the group and move all
Now it looks that is not possible in fritzing .
I guess it is back to paper and pencil - luckily I have only few components to work with HF push-pull amplifier with torroids in I?O

Ah! If you need a real toroid this may do (or be too complex if you only need a single winding. ) It is trivial for me to modify the existing part if it doesn’t do what you need.


Steps to create a copy of a group of parts on PCB view, and move the whole duplicated group to a new location.

  • starting from outside of the PCB boundary, drag select to highlight all of the parts to be included in the group
  • <ctrl> click on the PCB board to remove it from the selection
  • <ctrl> click on any selected parts that are not wanted in the group
  • Duplicate on the Edit menu (or <ctrl> D from the keyboard)
  • click and drag DIRECTLY on one of the selected parts

After duplication, all of the parts in the new copy of the group are selected. As long as the first click is on one of the select parts, the whole group is manipulated during the drag.

After duplication, with the whole (copied) group still selected, you can also use Inspector to position the group. Just change the location information. Helpful when you want a clean fixed offset for the group. That also works to move a group without duplicating it. Remember to note the group position before duplicating, since that will be the reference needed to calculate the offset position.

As you found, the breadboard can also be moved out of the way initially. I prefer to not do that. I ‘lock’ it, so that even when it is accidentally selected, the board does not move. It’s too easy to click drag it without noticing when zoomed so the edges can not be seen. In that case, you can not even see that the pcb is selected.

You can also use <ctrl> click to both add and remove parts from a group selection. If the area is crowded, it can be easier to select the group by clicking a single part, then use <ctrl> click to add other individual parts to the group one at a time.

Nice but
after I drag the mouse over the item I want to duplicate each item has dotted line around them. AFTER i do "edit -< duplicate " I have as same - each item has its own dotted line around it and that is what I grab am move ONLY the item selected. There is never a “group” indicator.

There is no explicit group indicator, but each of the selected items has its own dotted line border. You do not drag click on the dotted line. The initial click and hold (for drag) must be on the interior of one of the selected parts. That will drag all of the selected parts.

At least with Fritzing 0.9.3, 0.9.4, 0.9.6 on Fedora 33 linux.

Just in case that is still an issue, you can try a <ctrl> click on one the selected items, which will remove it from the group. Then a second <ctrl> click and hold on the same part to add it back to the group, and start the drag for moving.