Bifilar Toroidal Core

Hello! i´m a Radio Amateur (Ham Radio) and i´ve created a part for a bifilar toroidal core.

This is used very often on Ham Radio projects.

Hope it will be useful!

Toroide Bifilar.fzpz (12.4 KB)

73 from CX5AA

QSO Labs Ham Radio

Looks good after comparing with one image of that at the link provided, but there is a little issue related to grid alignment: the pin connector aren’t on the 0.1 in grid, the middle one is slighty rotated instead of making a straight line.

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Thanks King!

I modify it a bit.

Tell me if it is ok, or i have to make it better.Toroide Bifilar.fzpz (13.2 KB)


Much better, there is still a slighty missaligment at the middle connector on the y-axis but it is ok.

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