How to download Fritzing after paying

If, like me, you have landed on the download page and have paid a donation, but are not seeing any download options, try this:

Create an account on and log into it. Then you go back to the download page and you will have an option to download “I have already paid”.

Select that and click Download to get the list of links to actually download the package.

As well if you are logged in on the Firtzing site already you will (or at least I do) get a “there is a problem with your account” error when trying to log in to the forums. I needed to log out on the Fritzing site in order to successfully log in to the forums.


Well, personally I don’t like the fact that the download page is currently setup the way it is… Lots of people help with this project. So access needs to be a bit more open. This is GPL code. So I’m not sure the download page is GPL friendly. I don’t like any of this

Click on the link above to get your software…
Go to github and download the release, that is how you should be getting this software to begin with. Learn how to use GITHUB ie;

git clone

Learn the command…

While I don’t like it either, I see the necessity of it if Fritzing is to survive. Only about .1% of the people downloading the code in the past made a donation with the previous download page, and there needs to be a revenue stream to support the web site, download infrastructure, and development. I don’t think the donation violates gpl, it has always been true under gpl that a fee for a service is fine. In this case the fee pays for the infrastructure to build and publish a distribution (which, having built a build environment for development I can testify, takes at least a couple of mandays of time to do!) You are, as you point out, free to download the code from github, and compile it yourself, it isn’t anywhere near easy, but it is possible. My self I would rather make the donation than go through that hassle (although I have to anyway to do development.) In the 3 or more years that I have been involved in Fritzing, I’ve been watching it die. There are far fewer people participating here in the forum than when I started and much expertise and history has been lost (most of the folks that taught me to make parts are no longer participating here, which is a big loss.) In the 3 or more years since the last release before the latest 0.9.4 release (which is mostly a test of the new build environment) there were only a handful of commits to the code base, because development had basically died. History seems to say that Kjell is correct, that for development of Fritzing to proceed, a revenue stream to fund professional developers is needed, because the code base is too complex to depend on volunteers. To me that seems correct (and I have a couple of fixes in the 0.9.4 release, so I have experience trying to modify the code, it is not at all simple and is pretty much undocumented.) We are between a rock and a hard place, but there is a new release, which will keep Fritzing from dying from bit rot (which was starting to happen, the libraries were getting so old they are unsupported on some systems) for another few years, and hopefully development will restart. That is far better than I have managed to do over the last couple of years of trying to restart development, and I for one am happy to see it happen as I don’t want Fritzing to die.



I think anyone participating in Fritzing “in the open source way” adds much more value to the project than the 8 Euro. Compared to time it needs to get involved, the small payment is a steal.
And of course we don’t want to exploit volunteers. People have various reasons to participate, and if money is your intent, this might become possible now, too. I tried OpenCollective (a way to collect funds and reimburse contributors), but at that time, half a year ago, participation in Fritzing was so low, both in donations and contributions, that it was simply not worth a further thought. Forum subscriptions where broken, as Fritzing email service changed their conditions, and over weeks nobody noticed, with more than ten thousand users who never received any activation email, just passing on unheard. Speaking of, I actually went to the forum not to discuss this, but fix the login problem some users experience with the forum :slight_smile:

I’m a long time user and lurker. I appreciate the efforts of everyone and as a programmer I can appreciate the effort to deliver a product of the quality and scope that it has become. I only wish I had time and relevant experience to contribute my skills but sadly my skills are in other areas. I am happy to contribute financially if it supports things - as I do with others such as Wikipedia and and to Arduino by always buying genuine products.

I was a little confused by the download option. It prompted me to setup an account and I will now make donation. I was concerned that each download would have a donate “paywall” which I worried would affect me installing multiple times and newcomers who want to try before they buy. Thanks all for clearing up.

Lurker mode switched back on … that’s enough chat for a confirmed introvert! :wink: