Site License for Universities

Is it possible to organise / buy a site license? I’m lecturing robotics at UNSW and want my student to use the software for free under license. At present there is a small fee on the download page.

Thanks in advance, Michael.

This might help you…

How to download Fritzing after paying?

You may want to raise this topic in this issue on github (the developers tend to read that more than the forums)

We are trying to fund restarting Fritzing development and I think it is fair to say it is still a work in progress. Suggestions to make it better and how to deal with issues like this are welcome.


I also represent a college. I am a tech and a professor is asking to use the software for his class. Would I need to purchase a site license or just a one time donation, or can I download and use it without paying?

Thanks for any guidance.

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