How can I flip a part

I’m using version 1.0.1, it seems the flip function mentioned in this post has been removed.

Some parts can not be flipped.
However, I noticed that the mirror option is missing in the breadboard view in the “right mouse button” context menu. It is still correctly shown in the part submenu from the menubar.

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I found it. Thank you.

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I believe in breadboard it is greyed out unless the part has a special property to enable flipping in breadboard, as you normally can’t flip a breadboard part in the real world (although ones that are symmetrical will probably work which may be why the property is available) because the pin numbers will be wrong (for instance swapping an IC in breadboard will put pin 1 on the right bottom rather than the left bottom which is incorrect in the real world , so the generic IC doesn’t enable it!) For me in schematic (which is what the referenced post is about) flip horizontal and vertical work normally from the right click menu in Fritzing1.0.1. You can rotate it (which will maintain the real world orientation) in either the right click menu or the Part menu in breadboard on the task bar (but flip there is greyed out.) While I expect you know all of this the OP may not.


Your help is very useful.
It has helped me turn an LED diode into a mirror.