Horizontal momentary buttons

Good morning everyone. I wanted to ask if someone has created HORIZONAL momentary buttons of various sizes. I can’t find them in the parts. Possible?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome aboard. Yes it is possible, although from a Fritzing standpoint there is no difference from a vertical button unless there is a footprint difference. By the same token it is not difficult (assuming you are familiar with making parts which takes a fair bit of time) to make such a change. A data sheet of the switch you want would be a good start. Also both Sparkfun and Adafruit have fritzing part archives on github so if either of them have the push button you want they may also have a fritzing part (although a google search for "fritzing part horizontal push button didn’t turn anything up.)


Tanks very much :wink: I appreciated your help.

Since I don’t see a data sheet and/or a request for a new part, I assume the horizontal switch has the same footprint as the standard part? It is easy enough (at least for me, probably less so for you :slight_smile: ) to modify the existing push button part to reflect any changes for a horizontal switch, but I need a datasheet to see what needs to change,


Hi Peter,
i ordered few buttons and i requested the data sheet. Could you please help me in modifying an existing 6mmx6mm tactile vertical button (only che pcb side) to became it horizontal? This is because is comfortable to have the default icon of the component in the breadboard.
The component the component that I would like to modify is called “Pushbutton” family (switch) and package THT (6x6mm).
Thanks in advance.

Sure, do you have a pointer to the .fzpz file of the switch you want to modify? I don’t see anything that is 6mm by 6mm in core parts. If I understand correctly you want breadboard and schematic to remain the same and pcb to reflect the footprint above.


I use them, sometimes. Main focus is ensuring you get the right length of the Post (the part you push) so, if mounted into a Box/Case, it sticks out enough to access it… Mine are 10mm

yes, you understand.
this is the part!
Thanks for the availability.
Pushbutton.fzpz (5.9 KB)

OK this part should do the trick. The moduleId is the same so you will need to delete your current part to load this one.

Pushbutton-horizontal.fzpz (6.9 KB)

Note these pins (circled in red and blue) are connected together. It isn’t clear on the data sheet that is really true … As always print out the pcb footprint at 1:1 scale and try it against a real part before ordering boards. The silkscreen should have the button in the correct place.


I understand Peter, i must connect in the real PCB all of the pins!

While the data sheet is unclear, I think that only J3 and J1 would work. If it is like the other tactile push buttons there is an internal connection between J1 and J2 and J3 and J4 inside the switch, but it would be best to check that with an ohm meter before depending on it. It may be that J3 and J4 pins are only for mechanical strength with no electrical connection, or that they connect to the other pin (in which case the part needs to change!) without a part in hand I can’t tell.