Horizontal momentary buttons

Good morning everyone. I wanted to ask if someone has created HORIZONAL momentary buttons of various sizes. I can’t find them in the parts. Possible?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome aboard. Yes it is possible, although from a Fritzing standpoint there is no difference from a vertical button unless there is a footprint difference. By the same token it is not difficult (assuming you are familiar with making parts which takes a fair bit of time) to make such a change. A data sheet of the switch you want would be a good start. Also both Sparkfun and Adafruit have fritzing part archives on github so if either of them have the push button you want they may also have a fritzing part (although a google search for "fritzing part horizontal push button didn’t turn anything up.)


Tanks very much :wink: I appreciated your help.

Since I don’t see a data sheet and/or a request for a new part, I assume the horizontal switch has the same footprint as the standard part? It is easy enough (at least for me, probably less so for you :slight_smile: ) to modify the existing push button part to reflect any changes for a horizontal switch, but I need a datasheet to see what needs to change,