Has anyone made a DIP SWITCH, 4 position?

Has anyone made a DIP SWITCH 4-position?
I tried hacking the 8-position switch but the results were not perfect.

Don’t see one. While I could cut down the 8 pos one for you it is probably a better bet for you to upload the fzpz file (7th icon from the left on the reply tool bar) for the one you made and what you think is wrong with it and I’ll correct that. That way you learn how to make new parts, as it sounds like you are most of the way there now …


Thank you Peter. Actually, I don’t want to bother you with something I should be able to do … so I figured it out by myself. Attached is my completed part. (only the schematic view has a slight flaw – the viewport).
I hand-edited the svg … because whenever I went into Inkscape, it would really screw up the svg file.
Attached is my completed part.
Also, here is my dip-switch-04 used; First the BREADBOARD view:

The Schematic view:’

And the PCB view:

DIP Switch 4 Position.fzpz (13.1 KB)

Parts creation is complex and poorly documented (as you may have noticed :slight_smile: ) so please don’t hesitate to ask for help, we all win if we help you to make more parts. As I thought from your first post, you are %90 there. Two problems: you are missing the definition for connector6terminal (that is why the wire in to pin 7 on the switch in schematic is in the center of the pin instead of the end like the others) and you need to resize the document in Inkscape. To do that with the schematic svg loaded in Inkscape, click edit->select all and then file->document properties->page->Resize page to content (in the middle of the window), click on that and then on the Resize page to drawing or selection which appears and it will fix up your problem with the missing line by adjusting the viewbox. Although it isn’t hurting anything, you can also shrink the box around the switch by deleting some of the unused elements still present from the original part (which is what is causing the view box to be so large). That is
a little more complex because it is heavily grouped which makes finding the offending elements harder. Luckily Inkscape has an extension that ungroups (usually but not always) everything , so edit->select all then Extensions->Arrange->deep ungroup then click apply and it will ungroup the whole thing. Now you can drag a selection box (by click and drag) around the area at the top of the part where there is view box for no apparent reason. That will show a series of small lines from the original part. With them selected the delete key will remove them. Now edit->select all and resize document gets the viewbox to a more appropriate size. You now need (with the entire document selected) to click object->group then use xml editor to change the id of the created group to schematic to set the correct layerId that the ungroup removed,
file–>save as plain svg and you should be away (you do need to use a text editor to delete the px from the font-size statements in the xml though, Inkscape won’t do this and Fritizing won’t accept them, I usually just delete all instances of px in the file). Hope this helps!