Files for driver EM705 and stepper 57HS22


I am looking for a fzpz file for these items:

Stepper driver EM705

and 8-wires stepper 57HS22 or similar:

Can anybody help me?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard! The em705 is a problem because the data sheet here

gives dimensions but not enough information about where the connections are and what they do both of which would be needed to make a Fritzing part for this. The stepper motor should be a relatively easy modification of a 4 wire stepper I expect, but may not be useful without the controller.


Dear Peter, thank you for response.

I dont really desire precise model, just something little similar to that. Could you be able to slightly modify this? It doesn´t have to be perfect.

DM860A Stepper Motor Driver.fzpz (15.6 KB)

Follow up question:

Would you be so kind a modify 8-wire stepper for me? I would be enormously gratefull for that since I need it for my master thesis.

Thank you!


I am attaching datasheets here:

Here is the stepper part:

Stepper-Motor-8-wire.fzpz (8.4 KB)

now on to the controller …

which has no pcb view (as it isn’t useful)

em705.fzpz (9.0 KB)


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Dear Peter, I cannot express how gratefull I am. My professor told me that my scheme looks great. However, he didn´t like the design of the driver. Do you think you could be compliant to edit that a bit more so it looks more precise please?

I tried, but I don´t understand the designing parts in Fritzing too much.

In case atleast please change color to blue.

Huge thanks. I mean it, really!

Here is a somewhat improved one, colored in blue. The perspective isn’t quite right but hopefully it serves. There aren’t a lot of pictures of this device that I can find. I still don’t know where the communications actually connect, I don’t think it is where I have it, but I don’t know.

em705-1.fzpz (9.0 KB)

This is the same part as the original so you will need to delete the original before Fritzing will let you load this. If you have connections, “delete minus” will delete the part and leave the connections. When you place the new part, you need to click on the end of each trace and move them off and on to the connector until they connect again.


WOW, huge thanks! I appreciate your job so much!

I don´t want to be too eager, but do you think it would be too much effort to edit the stepper to make it look like NEMA23?

Thank you!

By the way. I am building an Air-hockey robot with artificial intelligence as my master thesis. I will post a video of that as soon as I finish my work.

I’ll take a look at it, but a search for nema 23 turned up this

many many nema 23 motors all different. So the start would probably be the motor you are using’s mechanical drawings.


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Hey Peter, the mechanical drawing is here:

Thank you!! :slight_smile: <3

This only took about 5 minutes to scale breadboard. The delay was in my network connection being down most of the day …

Stepper-Motor-8-wire-57hs22.fzpz (8.5 KB)

The moduleId of both parts is the same so you will have to delete minus the original one to be able to load this one. Breadboard has the motor dimensions increased to match the data sheet for the 57hs22.


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