Esp8266 routing to bottom layer vias

32 PM

I’m trying to route a trace from a voltage regulator on the bottom of the PCB to the vias on the bottom of the board (esp is on the top). I’ve used, macOS and windows version and for some reason it wants to create vias to the top layer and then to the vias of the ESP. I’ve tried many versions of the ESP-12E part with no success.


Those arn’t actually vias. As far as I am concerned that part is not made correctly for a number of reasons. One being those holes in the copper pads. They exist in the actual module but they are not something you would make on the attaching PCB. The next issue is the back row of pads do not stick out from the module so you can not solder it correctly. I think there are other issues with scaling and naming. I shared a corrected version in another thread that should work for you.

You will then need to add vias to get to the other side as Fritzing is informing you. They are available in the core parts and the sizes can be changed in the inspector after placing them on the PCB.