ESP8266-07 with Adapter Plate created


ESP8266-07.fzpz (61.7 KB)

ESP8266 Wireless WIFI Module ESP-07 08 12E with adapter plate.


I have observed strange behavior:
“variant 2” of ESP8266-07 can’t be set to pcb layer top.
Problems appears in Fritzing Version 0.9.3 (b5c895d327c44a3114e5fcc9d8260daf0cbb52806 2016-04-19) 64 [Qt 5.6.0] (Linux).

Thank you for advice how to fix it.


Apparently, that is the reason for “variant 3”. Try this one…

ESP8266-07_V3.fzpz (62.1 KB)


I’ll add my esp12-f I just fixed up as the one I found had many issues including the pcb footprint.
ESP-12F (ESP8266 WiFi Module).fzpz (223.1 KB)
I think it may have started off in core parts but I don’t remember completely.

Esp8266 routing to bottom layer vias

variant 3 seems 0.K.
Thank you.


Yes, this works perfect, thank you,


I apologize for troubles you’ve got using my badly made part. I’ve been away for a long time but I managed to repair it and now here it is,