ESP32 Development Board TYPE-C USB CH340C Fritzing part

Hello community,

I want to try out Fritzing to capture a schematic with the ESP32 board in the picture. Could someone please share the part I need to import for that specific model. It wold be very much appreciated.


A google search for “fritzing part esp32 type-C” turns up a variety of hits one of which may do you.


Thanks Peter. I’ve already searched on google (including normal image and reverse image search), unfortunately I couldn’t find that particular one with the CH340C chip and the LEDs in that position. I guess I’ll have to see how I can create one from those I could find.

The chips and the LEDs make no difference to Fritzing so a part with the same pinout will work. Modifying parts is complex, running your completed part through will both flag errors and fix up issues that the various svg editors cause in Fritzing. It is documented in this part making tutorial

you can also ask for help when it bites you.


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