ESP32-CAM Fritzing Part

Does anyone happen to have the ESP32-CAM part handy? I’ve looked for it but can’t seem to track it down.

There doesn’t seem to be one. You would need to provide a pointer to the one you want, as there appear to be 6 or 7 different development boards plus the board alone from


I actually found the one I was looking for. It was the AI Thinker Module. I’ve attached the fzpz below.

ESP32-CAM_FRONT.fzpz (63.8 KB)

Its good you found one, I would be interested in the search term you used to find it if you don’t mind sharing (better/different ways to search are always welcome :slight_smile: .) The part however is broken in schematic and pcb (the red squares indicate undefined connectors.) I’ll try and fix it up in to a proper part and post it.


Ahh I didn’t realize that it was broken. When I used it I did so only for the diagram, so I didn’t notice. As per the search, I actually got it from a professor at my school. He happened to have it handy, so unfortunately I can’t describe exactly how he found it.

While you probably don’t need it, here is a complete part for anyone else that does …

ESP32-CAM_FRONT-fixed.fzpz (59.7 KB)