Error message wiring with an oled screen

I just created a project with ESP8266, DHT22, MQ135 and Screen OLED 128x128.
I always have same error message:

The GND connector on the 128x128 OLED component must have copper top and bottom layers, but the svg specifies only one layer


Here is my project
Platech_shematic.fzz (88.8 KB)

Anyone have any idea how I can fix this problem

Yes, your oled part is broken (it only has copper1 defined.) Replace it with the OLED-128x64-I2C-Monochrome-Display-GND-VDD.fzpz file from this post:

which has both layers defined correctly. You should also check to make sure your display is gnd vcc rather the vcc gnd (as both types are available and not interchangable!)


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