Editing Parts SVGs

I’m new to Fritzing. And I want to change an 8 pin IC into my part.
(btw I’m on a mac using the latest beta and inkscape and textedit)

So, I travel to my user document folder and then the fritzing folder
and then the PCB folder. There are several versions of the svg file for the part
I’m trying to edit.

Which one do you use for the changes? I was trying to use the newest created
svg file for my part. I used the text editor to change the name on the part image for
the pcb. This seemed to work at first, then everything seemed to not work shortly afterwards>
Freezes, the part wouldn’t drag over etc.

So, anyway. Is there a checkbox somewhere that prevents so many versions and just replaces
the svg when changes are made?

I never got to inkscape. But in inkscape can you simply open the image and edit it?
Are there any how to’s on the basic svg editing or changing procedure?


And can you have a pin version in the breadboard view and then have surface mount images
for the pcb view? Does anyone have the part for a pic 12F675?


There is part creation videos that teach you both at once.

No because a part is made up of an fpz file (xml) and 4 svg files (breadboard, icon, schematic and pcb) thus all those files are part of the part. As well as Old_Grey’s videos there is this that steps you through making a new part (simiilar to what you are trying to do).

For what you want to do you don’t need to edit the svg likely, you should be able to do it all from new parts editor by selecting an 8 pin generic IC and changing the pin names in Parts Editor (and preferably updating the metadata tab to match your new part) to match the PIC. If you need an SMD footprint there may already be a soic8 footprint available and if not replacing the pcb svg with an appropiate svg will do the trick. Google also finds a 12F675
(search fritzing part 12F675) in projects but it is an old format and the part did not survive upgrading. Easier to start with a generic IC and go from there.


Old Grey
This video helps greatly. I’m using the attiny13 to stand in for my pic12f675.
And the video lends me to think I can do everything I need without inkscape.
Many thanks.

I found all the versions from the changes a bit confusing. I’ve decided I’m
not going to look into the pcb folder any longer. At least for a while.
Each change seems to generate an entirely new file. It seems like these might build up
rather quickly. I’m talking about only the pcb folder, today.

With the attiny13 part, when choosing soic8 for the pcb, it automatically changed the
breadboard view to an smd on an sip adapter board. That’s very lovely.

Thanks to all. The video is very helpful. I’ll see if I can begin to remember what it is
I’ve done, when I try something that actually works. I’m now off to practice.

Huh! That doesn’t happen (as far as I know anyway) on Windows, however I rarely use parts editor any more (prefer to edit the raw files) so it could and I’ve just never seen it. Fritzing does generate a lot of temp files (and sometimes forgets to erase them) but on Windows that is in a temp directory not in the pcb directory (again AFAIK). If (or perhaps when is more accurate :slight_smile: ) you run in to problems feel free to upload the fzpz part file (or svg, although due to a forum bug you need to rename that to fzpz too and tell us it is really an svg) via the 7th button from the left on the reply tool bar and we will have a look and assist.