drawing adjustment

I have a schematic with many wires. I would like the diagram to be correctly drawn but it would take time to do everything by hand. Does anyone know if there is an automatic way to make the threads adjust ?
my fritzing file: stepper motor system.fzz (61.4 KB)


Autorouting will sort of work (autorouting in general is a poor idea) although first you will need to move the various components to appropriate places (they are likely currently on top of each other) like this:

note the 2 ICs are on top of each other

so spread them out then autoroute.

You would then need to move the traces to get a decent looking schematic.


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good afternoon
It worked but I have one last problem: there are dotted threads that did not adjust. How can I correct this ?

stepper motor system.fzz (107.3 KB)


The colored threads are rats nest lines denoting connections not yet routed. It appears that autorouter ran out of space to route traces. You could try moving the parts further apart to provide more space to route. As noted autorouting doesn’t work very well (in all EDA packages not just Fritzing) which is why doing the routing manually is recommended. Humans are much better than software with making routes.


Part of your problem is that the motor driver part is broken.

It should not look like this although the pins appear at least semi correct. You should also move the components around to make the routing easier. There is no easy way to route sketches you need to do the work.


I made a fixed version of this part some time back. It is available in this post:

I’d suggest replacing using delete minus the motor driver parts with the fixed one.


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