Does there exist a part-package with *.fzpz for bread-board documentation

He everybody,

was googling for a male 2,1 DC-power-jack. Male is the one at the end of the double-wire which gets plugged in into a what I call socket. (the female part of the connection)

But so far I have only found female “plugs” which aren’t plugs but sockets.

Does there exist somewhere a complete package with parts that are used with breadboarding? Like doube-wires, tripple-wires, digital multimeter, multiturn spindle trimmers,
best regards Stefan

Short answer is no. If you need a specific part you have to search this forum or Google it and add fritzing - I usually use image and see if i can spot one -, and if there isn’t a part you have to make it or supply a technical drawing here and someone might make it for you.

There is a coax plug and socket pair in the forum that I made several years ago. It was an experiment to see if the combination could be made to auto connect (which it can.) It looks to be here:

When in need of a part the first thing I do is run a google search of the form “fritzing part 2.1mm male jack” (or whatever I am looking for) to see if there is a part already around somewhere. Only then do I start thinking about making one. That is how I found the above referenced forum posting.