Does someone has the MAX471 current sensor module Fritzing Part?

I can’t find it anywhere, the only place i have seen it is here but there is not a link

There appears to be one here (with the code, you need to right click and save link as to get the .fzpz file downloaded.):

A google search for “fritzing part max471” finds it. In general, for that site, if the part doesn’t have a link, then only breadboard exists (as that is all he uses it appears) and he will maybe make a complete part at sometime in the future if you ask. You will usually be better of asking here though (as we are usually faster.) If this doesn’t match what you have, post a link to the part you do have and I will have a look.


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Hi, thanks for the help men. I check that part but it’s not the same :c

Oh well, that explains a lot.

This is the module i have

I will keep searching and hopefully i find it.

Since there isn’t much chance there is one if the google search didn’t find one, I made one (while it takes a long time to learn to make parts, once you have learned small parts like this are relatively easy):

lc-sensor-471.fzpz (7.9 KB)

Download the fzpz file then in Fritzing Open-File and navigate to the lc-sensor-471.fzpz and it will load in to your mine parts bin ready for use.


Thank you so much men, you save me :heart: i was trying to learn how to make one, but it was not going so well

Parts making isn’t easy, but is possible if complex. These tutorials apply to the current version (most of the rest are for earlier versions of the code):

if you only need a couple of parts it likely better to ask, and we are always willing to help you make parts.


Thanks for the links, i will try to learn.

I will keep that in mind :grinning: