DHT22 library as pictured

Please help, I’ve been looking in the search and haven’t found the DHT22 library as shown in this picture. if anyone has something like this please share it with me.

That particular part has been taken down for some reason. We would need a pointer to the web site for the module you have, as there are modules with Vcc Gnd data and Vcc data Gnd (as the above) available and you would need the correct module (and one of us would likely need to make the part!)


I have created this:
DHT22 Humidity and Temperature Sensor.fzpz (11.7 KB)

Here are two parts, one for the module you pictured and one for the other variant.

Note you need to use the part that matches the pinout of the module you have.

DHT22-gnd-vcc-dta-module.fzpz (8.4 KB)

DHT22-vcc-dta-gnd-module.fzpz (6.9 KB)


thanks for all the responses :grinning: