Development/prototyping boards


I am trying to design some custom development/prototyping boards which are somewhere between veroboard and plain multi hole boards. Something with multiple sets of 6 through plated holes linked by a track, but with predefined power lines and a ground plane.

At its simplest, I want a board with 2 through plated holes with a track joining them on one side. The rest of the board is just an extension of this.

Can Fritzing design this type of board.

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks for any help.


Yes although doing so is fairly complex. For an example board (but without instructions to make it) see this post. It doesn’t have the lines but they can (and must!) be added in the breadboard and pcb svgs which is not an easy task and correctly configured in the fzp file.

While I don’t believe I covered making proto boards, this tutorial will give you instructions on constructing custom parts