DC buck converter

Hello. Please, if you could do this DC buck converter from Drok company, it would be very good. Thank you in advance. The size of it is like Arduino UNO.

Name of the part

DROK DC Buck Module, Adjustable Buck Converter Step Down Voltage Regulator 6V-32V 30V 24V 12V to 1.5-32V 5V 5A LCD Power Supply Volt Reducer Transformer Module Board with USB Port Protective Case


Top view

The official documentation of the part manufacture is linked here:

Buck converter

A google search for “Fritzing part Drok Dc buck converter module” turns up this post

note that a couple of issues that may or may not have been fixed were noted in the parts so if it doesn’t work post again and I will have look at it.


No, the module that I wanted looks totally different and it’s for different application

This part should do what you want. Note pcb has been suppressed as not useful.

Drok-DC-buck-module.fzpz (13.0 KB)


Thank you so much! You saved my project report!