DB37 and 12V battery - Megasquirt


I’ve used Fritzing for several Arduino projects, but am now working on a fuel injection system called Megasquirt. I need a DB37 connector and also a 12V car battery part. There is a very good DB25 part out there, but I need a few more pins. Does anyone know if this is out there, or should I roll up my sleeves and start figuring out how to do my own?


Are you converting the actual Megasquirt to Fritz, or is that name a coincidence.

Hi. Not sure I understand the question. I am installing a Megasquirt furl injection system into a car and wanted to use Fritz to diagram the install. To do that I need a DB37 connector part and also a 12V battery part. Wanted to see if anyone knows where I can download those.

Ahh, so you are just doing the install diagram.

Looks like you will have to make the part if you can’t find it in a Google search - there are custom parts all over the place in peoples repositories -

How to make part vids

Don’t see a 37 pin anywhere, but it shouldn’t be a big deal to extend one of the db25s svgs using Inkscape to be a db37. Do you need male female or both? There are batteries of various kinds around haven’t specifically seen a car battery but there may be one.