Copper fill is not complet in combination with curved traces

I have used copper / ground fill in recent projects with good experience. But now, with a design with curved traces, copper / ground fill is buggy and leaves empty white spaces that are not filled out:

I have filed an issue on but searching for a workaround because development is not much active at the moment. What can I do to reduce or eliminate this wrong behavior and get smooth and complete filled out grounds / copper plates?

What Fritzing version are you using? Development is in fact occurring and there are fixes in Fritzing 0.9.9 (I don’t know if this particular thing is fixed though!)


Fritzing version 0.9.9 is here running on a Windows machine. I know only as download source. Is there a nightly build or beta version with newer code available? Or is this the latest and gratest?

That is currently the latest and greatest as far as I know.