Coordination of Community Efforts


is there any follow up coordination or roadmap to the old forum post? I just re-discovered Fritzing and I think that it just needs a bit more love from the community.

To quote @andre:

  • Discourse for forum
  • Metalsmith and github for documentation
  • Github for issue tracking (we did that last year, but tickets need to be consolidated)
  • possibly as project sharing platform

obviously #1 is done. I found the fritzing-docs repo, does that solve #2?

As for #3 I’ll have a look over the next weeks (especially before/after christmas) and I would try to categorize the (over 1000!) open issues. I’ll take a look at other free software projects that manage a lot of issues on github like Docker.

As for #4, I don’t like that is a proprietary cloud based solution. Maybe we could develop our own based on the concepts. I’d really like to see Fritzing as the alternative to hobby electronics cloud based environments such as

edit: moved my introduction in the introduction category

Thanks for picking this up, let’s create separate discussion threads for this!

for 3, the issue tracker: Cleaning up the issue tracker