Hey there, I'd like to help


I’m Niclas from Germany, I work full time as a web developer and GNU/Linux sysadmin, but my
interests are quite broad. In my spare time I mostly work with Node.js and Rust. And I’m happy to help where I can.

I just rediscovered Fritzing while working on some electronic projects. My fist contribution dates back to 2014, I contributed a RGB power LED I had laying around:

Anyway, I think Fritzing needs some love from the community. I hope that we can coordinate the community efforts using this forum, I created a topic for this purpose here.
I hope that I can help to organize the massive amount of issues on Github and to answer questions on the forum. Maybe also reorganize things here as a moderator.

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Thanks and welcome! Any support is greatly appreciated. :smile:
Let’s use the developers category on this forum to organize.