Connection between arduino and shield grove

Hello everyone,
I’m a new member in this forum. I have to realize a schematic of a project with Arduino.
In this project a shield Grove is connected on the Arduino( moreover i connect sensors to this shield).I want to know if in the schematic i have to represent only the shield with sensors, or I have to insert arduino , connecting it pin to pin to the shield.
I did this:

The breadboard view which looks to be complete will reflect the connections in to schematic view. So you need to switch to schematic view and move the components (which may be stacked on top of each other) to an appropriate position. Then click on a rats nest line (the light colored lines between connectors) and move a bit and it will create a wire to the appropriate terminal. You now need to drag that wire in to an appropriate routing. All the components including the arduino will appear in schematic view. If you have problems feel free to post the .fzz file for the project (7th icon from the left in the reply tool bar) and ask for help.


You can also use net labels, if many wires look messy.

Ok,is this correct?

Doesn’t appear so. Something is wrong with what I expect should be the shield (it is listed as an Arduino Uno, but there is a proper Uno already there and the shield is missing). If you post the sketch as an fzz file I’ll have a look at the parts and see if I can correct it. I’d guess the grove shield part has problems at least in schematic. The red in the drawing indicates a problem with a connector or connectors.

edit: assuming this is the Sodaq Ndogo Grove Shield from github, it appears to have no connectors in schematic. I’ll have a poke at it and see what I can do.


This is the sketch:

Sketch 2.fzz (212.3 KB)

@vanepp, @Mick31

Good morning Peter,
The part has 138 unassigned connectors. The Schematic view and PCB view are standard Uno SVGs that have not been updated. Most of the connectors have been written into the .fzp for the Schematic and PCB but no pins in the Schematic and PCB .svg’s to assign them to… A lot of work…

Yah, I discovered that last night. I’m working on schematic to add the grove connectors without doing the entire reconfig that the part really needs and I’ll feed that back to the seeed site where this came from. Copy paste should make it not to bad I think. Pcb view isn’t needed and breadboard looks OK.


OK, I’m finally finished. You will need to load your sketch then select the base shield you have now and right click and hit “delete minus” (not delete). That will delete the part but leave the wires. Then you need to load the part below to replace the base shield (drag it in to mostly the same position as it is slightly larger than the original which was mis scaled as well) and move the wires to connect to the new part. Once that is done schematic should work (you will notice it is considerably larger now than it used to be). If you hit problems, post the sketch here again and I’ll have a look.

Base Shield V2_fixed.fzpz (91.4 KB)


Thanks a lot, it looks fine.

You can fix the orientation of the base by either using rotate 90 degrees or by dragging it in to schematic first (too late for that now probably :slight_smile: ). This appears to be a Fritzing bug which is on my list of things to fix. I’ll also feed the corrections back to the seeed folks which is actually mostly why I fixed the part. Please post if you find problems though!


Hi! Where can I find the grove magnet in the parts? For example, I am looking for the MQ-7 MQ-9 parts in your drawing. Thanks!

Although after a year I’m fuzzy on this, if you have the sketch (and it has the grove magnet that you want), then of you load the sketch in to Fritzing the parts that are not available in core parts should be in the temp parts bin. You can right click on the part in the temp parts bin and select export part which will write the part to a .fzpz file. You can then load the .fzpz file in to Fritzing and use the part (in the mine part bin this time) in your sketches. If the part you want isn’t in the temp parts bin do a search in core parts because it should be there if it isn’t in temp.


Conversely you can click grab the part and drag it to MINE bin.