Component fingerprint reader

Good day,
I would need to import a fingerprint reader from Arduino (1496818942), unfortunately I couldn’t find this part anywhere. I need advice where I can find the part.
Thank you for answer. Richard

A google search for “fritzing part finger print sensor” turns up:

which appears to be what you want (or at least as close as you are going to get without making a custom part.) Download the .fzpz file from there.


Thank you for the tip, just the component is very large compared to others, could the component be somehow reduced?
Thank you for your answer, Richard.

Sure, here is a cleaned up version (breadboard is basically the same, but schematic and pcb have been replaced.)

fingerprint-scanner.fzpz (18.7 KB)


Thank you,
the scheme of the parts is ok, but I still need to reduce the image (breadboard) of the part.
Thank you for your answer, Richard

How and by how much do you need to reduce it? If you have the dimensions you need I can scale it down easily enough. I assumed the current breadboard matched the actual device.


I would need to be as half or even smaller in size, about the same size as an RFID reader, I attach for comparison.
Thank you for your answer, Richard
RFID-RC522-v2.fzpz (17.4 KB)

I need a step-up converter from 0.9V ~ 5V to 5V USB, but nowhere I can not find this component, I attach her photo
Thank you for your answer, Richard

OK here is one with breadboard cut down to the same size as the rfid reader:

fingerprint-scanner.fzpz (18.6 KB)

you will need to delete the original one before it will let you load this one as the moduleIds are the same. There are dc dc converters but not (as far as I know) the usb one. If you need that exactly I’d need to make one. For instance this one does much the same thing but without the usb input:


Thanks, the fingerprint-scanner component is fine, just the converter I would need the same with USB as the photo.