Can't find SOIC-20 variant


I can’t seem to find ATtiny3216 / ATtiny1616 parts in fritzing, and when using generic IC, there’s no SOIC-20 variant. The only 20-pin variant I see is 2018W which has too long pads and I have very limited space.

I attached image of my problem, at the top is SOIC-20 of 2018W variant, and below you can see SOIC-18 of SOIC-18 variant, which I want as a 20-pin variant. Can anyone help me with this? Is there any way I can get SOIC-20 variant?

i have

Try this one

If that doesn’t work post again and I’ll modify it.


I’ve tried that one already, but unfortunately IC footprint looks more narrow and pads are still longer bad

OK here is a new footprint the matches the recommended footprint in the ATtiny3216 datasheet. Again, only the pcb footprint is done, breadboard and schematic are generic (not the At3216!) although they could be converted to it. As always print out the footprint at 1:1 scale and check it against a real part before ordering boards.

Edit: Correct misalignment on pins 9 and 12 …

ATtiny3216-soic20-footprint.fzpz (6.1 KB)


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Thank you! That’s alot better than 2018W, but I see a tiny misalignment on 9th and 12th pins, they are misaligned little bit to the left. If that issue could be fixed, it would be perfect!

Good catch, I obviously dragged the bottom pin a bit when placing it and didn’t catch it. I have replaced the part with a correced one.


Now that is perfect. Thank you very much!