Request - generic SOIC-20/SN74CBT3244


I’m drawing a board with a SN74CBT3244DWR. As far as I can see it’s a standard SOIC package (1.27mm spacing, 7.5mm wide) with 20 pins.

I see there are generic SOIC-16 and SOIC-18 ICs in Fritzing but not SOIC-20. Could anyone proficient with Frizing and SVG create the part for me? I’m guessing it wouldn’t take very long, but I can offer some compensation (or make a donation to the project, why not) if needed.

Thank you!

Assuming all you want is the pcb footprint here is a generic 20 pin IC with the footprint modified to be soic20. If you actually want breadboard and schematic views as well that can be done but isn’t here. You should also print out and check the footprint against a real part before ordering boards.

soic20.fzpz (8.2 KB)