Can't find part: FET MPF102 or 2n5457 or compatible

Hi everybody,

am i blind or is there no fet like announced in the subject in the libray (standard) ?

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Type fet in t the parts search (the magnigying glass on the top right) and pick the to92 version (the last icon in my search) which is a generic n channel mosfet in a to92 case.


Yes i found it, but all i can find is mosfet …
(which is not the same as fet)

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While that is true, for the purposes of Fritzing they are identical, so one can stand for the other. If you want a different schematic symbol (which would be the only difference that I can see) you would need a new part (which either you make, or more likely one of us does, given what changes you want). A google search for “fritzing part fet” doesn’t turn up any specific get parts (only the ones in core) so it doesn’t look like anyone has made one yet.


If you want a specific part you grab a part with the same package and just type it’s number in Inspector.

Okay, first … i’m not blind.

Right, for developing a pcb it’s enough to grab a part with the same package and that’s what i will do.

thanks and greets

You are not blind, there are a lot of odd lacks of common parts in Fritzing and relatively few of us making parts (because parts making is difficult). A small number of people make parts when they find one lacking, but quality varies (see the other thread about bad parts in the core parts bin for examples :slight_smile: ) If you want a different schematic and have a reference to it, it is easy enough for me to make a new part or if you familiar with svg editors you can do it your self. It is usually easier to have me do it if you only want a single part though.


I totally forgot I did a video.

Nice video thanks for it.

Hi Peter,

altough it is not really necessary for me (cause grabbing a part with the same package
will satisfy my needs) it would be great (for everybody) to have a generic FET in the library.

By the way, i’m not a graphical developer in any way, i once tried a svg-editor … it
was a nothing but frustrating experience :sleepy:

best regards

Yeah. Unfortunately FZ is not well supported, so we constantly have to make do with whatever we can.

You are not wrong about svg drawing - it’s closer to CAD than raster -, and it took me a couple of years to know enough to get by.

If you’re interested I did a series that teaches you vector drawing as well as FZ part making in the same video, which is quicker than learning both separately.

Hi again,

it will probably take a whole weekend to get through the tutorials.
I’ll try to find out if i have a hidden talent to become a part designer :grinning:

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This one is fairly easy (for some value of “easy” :slight_smile: ) in that you only need to edit the schematic svg with a svg editor such as Inkscape or one of the others and change the symbol as desired. You can then load that new svg with the parts editor and you are done. Sounds easy, in practice however it is not, but you can post questions (preferably with an upload of your part so we can see what is wrong) and we will be happy to help as more parts makers is always good. Unfortunately until we find someone interested in documenting this (which we haven’t yet), instruction is mostly via questions here.



There’s an MPF102 in my parts bin>>>