Can you make me parts from these illustrations?


I got my graphics designer friend to make me these two illustration, a solar panel and a solar charge controller.

Here’s the link for these Adobe Illustrations:

I think the illustrations are fit to A4 size page, so thats gotta be fixed.
It’s my first time using Fritzing and I am quite clueless.
Can someone please make me custom Fritzing parts for these?

Thank you!!

Do you have some kind of a data sheet… something that may show a schematic and/or connections? A link to the data sheet would be fine…

Well there’s no datasheets but the solar charge controller connects with terminal blocks, here’s the website for it:

And the solar panel has wires with these weird weatherproof connectors

I don’t think you can really make a schematic and pcb design out of it though.
i just wanna have it in breadboard design, It’s why I’m using fritzing.

Yep, I can work with this. I will put something together for you…

Here is your parts… Let me know how they work. :relaxed:

Solar Charge Control.fzpz (31.1 KB)
Solar Panel.fzpz (5.5 KB)

Thank you so much steelgoose,

If it wouldn’t bother you too much can you please move the negative terminal on the panel to the far right?
In order to stay with how it actually looks like.

I just gave it a try myself and I couldn’t do it
Once that’s done we can share it on the big thread where everyone shares their parts.
Once again thank you so much for your help!


I had it that way originally, but I thought that was an extension cable to connect several panels in parallel.
Solar Panel.fzpz (5.4 KB)

If it says duplicate parts; you may need to delete the other panel, save bin, close FZ and reopen it.

Lovely! Everything works so perfectly :smiley:

Thank you so much, these visuals are gonna be very helpful for my senior thesis presentations :slight_smile:


Your welcome, good luck with your presentation… :grinning:

Thanks a lot steelgoose… the files are really useful :slight_smile: