Can someone help me out with this project

Hello everyone, I joined this group today because I received a project to work on in Fritzing. I recently heard about this software, and I have already created the schematic, which I have attached below. However, I need to implement it in Fritzing, and I have no idea how to do it. I figured out how to find the components I need, but the problem lies in making the connections between the parts. I have two Li-Po2 batteries connected in series to power the system, four 6V geared micro-motors, and the component labeled Ax3484 is a mini360 converter. If anyone here has the necessary time to help me, I would be grateful. I need to submit the project tomorrow evening. Thank you in advance for any responses.

ESP32S_HiLetgo_fzpz_file_and_template.fz.fzz (113.4 KB)

Your DRV8833 part is broken. There is a corrected version available here:

so you need to replace that part. There are no connections from the batteries to anywhere (looking in schematic) they connect to each other but nowhere else.

they presumably need to connect to the step down converter which they currently don’t.


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Thank you so much!!