Breakout board ESP32

Hello! I am new to fritzing.

Does anyone know if there is an ESP32 breakout board? I do not mean the fritzing component I mean the board with components, tracks and others.

Thanks in advanced, sorry for my english is a little bad.

Welcome aboard! There are at least a dozen of them. This is just the collection I have (that I either made or fixed up for someone)

your best bet is a google search of the form “fritzing part esp32-model-number” where model number is the description of the exact board you want. A search for esp in the forum should find most of the parts in the image above. Be aware that parts from the net are of varying quality, so you are best off to upload your final sketch and ask us to check it for you before ordering boards (we can usually tell if the sketch has problems.)


If I understand the initial question correctly, nerys is looking for a sketch of an esp32 board. Not a part. A pcb and schematic that could be used to order a board that could be built into a board.

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Thanks for your response Vanepp but acordly to the response of microMerlin i am look for a sketch of an esp32 board but i think its hard to find, i’m considering trying to design it on my own.

Ah, a google search for “esp.fzz” which should pick up sketches with esp32 in them got some hits in the Fritzing projects area and elsewhere. A .fzz file should be a Fritzing sketch and so may be what you want.


It is not Fritzing format, but the Adafruit Huazzah32 feather board has eagle cad drawings available. See the repository. That might be a place to start, if you do not find something closer.

Most Adafruit board have eagle cad drawings available. The link to them can typically be found from the downloads link on the product page. The eagle files are typically what the Fritzing parts are based on.

I am still unclear on what you are looking for. Do you want a breakout board for an ESP32 to buy (in which case you probably want one that already has a Fritzing part) or want to make one from one of the ESP32 modules soldered to a pcb of your design? This post has both, it is a sketch (.fzz file) of a Wroom module (that had problems) which eventually got corrected and apparently made in to a board. If you use this make sure you get the corrected version of the wroom part.


Hi! Sorry for my bad explanation :confused: my bad english is a big problem , sorry.
I am looking for design a board for a ESP32 with the minimal circuit to run the ESP32.
ESPRESSIF the manufacturer of the esp32 provides the necessary information for this :
Here or another start point as refered for Micromerlin is Adafruit.

My initial question was if this would already be developed in fritzing, but I see that it is no or at least easy to find.

Given the situation, I am trying to do it, once I finish or move forward I will share it with the community in case it can be of help to someone else.

Your english seems fine, it is hard for even native english speakers to describe in text what you want to do, is I think the real issue. So if I understand it correctly you want to start with one of the modules (wroom, wrover etc.) like this (this happens to be the Fritzing part for a wrover-b)


and make something like the development board listed above but with less pins? That is what the person in the forum article above is doing, creating a pcb with one of the modules and the additional parts he needed for his application (an OLED display and some other stuff.) For development, buying one of the development boards is probably easier and if you want to use Fritzing selecting one that has a Fritzing part already is the best bet.