Can I import your SVG or do I need to wait for it to be added to the core library?

You can do whatever you want with it…

Well I should have been clearer in my previous post.

When I right click in My Bin, I’m only able to import fzbz, fzb and other fritzing formats. I don’t know of a way to import a SVG file. Also I think it would benefit others if it was added to the core library.

I was kind of surprised to find that there wasn’t a Pi Hat in the PCB Shape Bin. The bin shows a “Pi+ hat”, but it was a full size Pi PCB. I guess now I will need to make a Pi part the go with the Pi Hat.

@steelgoose Could you create one of these templates for the Pi Zero?

Sure, I will work on it today…

@Tenderfoot14, I almost forgot… actually, I did forget… I got sidetracked. Too many irons in the fire…

Here is your Pi Zero PCB Shape (Hat). I had started to use the Pi Zero in Fz as a pattern, but it is out of scale. I looked up the dimensions and drew it from scratch. Maybe I will need to draw up a Pi Zero part for Fz.

This .fz file is really a .zip. Because there is a problem with sending .svg over this forum I have to do it this way… Just unzip it.
Pi Zero_PCB shape.fz (1.2 KB)


I’m also looking for a blank Rapsberry Pi Hat unfortunately it looks like the problems still the same: there is no PCB shape in core library who match the RPi Hat dimension.

I know there is a SVG file posted by steelgoose in this thread but I have absolue no clue how to import this SVG file in order to create a PCB shape in Fritzing.

Any chance to see this PCB shape available in core library soon ?

Thanks you

While I expect the right answer is to import the svg via the parts editor, I rarely use the parts editor. Thus I butchered the standard rpi hat to replace that image with Steve’s and made a part from it. It won’t export (possibly because of the sticky flags in the fpz) but it comes up in pcb view ok (I’m not sure what will happen when you save the sketch, it may refuse to reload).

Pi_Zero_PCB_shape.fzpz (2.6 KB)

You should be able to load this via the open command in Fritzing and it should give you Steve’s image in pcb just like the pi shield part in core.



Thanks you for your quick answer, however I’m looking for the RPi 3 Hat shape, the one you posted is for the RPi Zero.
Between your instructions are useful and I’ve been able to load the SVG of the RPi 3 Hat with success.

Thanks you,

As long as we got your problem solved I’ happy :-), I don’t actually see a PI 3 board shape and took the first one I found which was the Zero. Its easy enough to make another part if you point me at the correct svg though if you need it as a part.



I am looking for the Pi Modell B Hat Template as well.
The link from steelgoose seems not to work anymore?
I cannot find anything downloadable in the forum either.
My perception was that the shown format by steelgoose should be a Standard shape in fritzing.
I would much much appreciate to get Access to this file.
Or am I maybe too blind? :wink:

Thanks a lot,

I suspect that may be because it is now in core parts. Try a search for “raspberry pi” in the parts bin (magnifying glass icon) and two templates one for a PI shield (no model given) and one for the pi B+ hat (which I suspect is the one from the missing link) show up.


no, your mentioned PCB-shape has the full size of the Raspberry B+. One with sharp edges, one with rounded edges).
I am really looking for the shape of the Raspberry Sensor Hat (like shown above by Steelgoose).

Install the Adafruit Raspberry Pi.fzbz library and see if it is there.

If it’s not there do a Goo search and add Fritzing. Do image search and look for the image, it may lead to a file.

Then your best bet would be to ask @steelgoose if he still has a copy of it (unless you can find one as Old_Grey suggested).


Thanks to Old_Grey and vanepp.
I downloaded adafruit library and there are indeed some hats. But they all are ready and not blank.
I am not yet professional enough to create with that my own blank PCB-shape.
I contacted steelgoose and hope for a positive Reply.
In the meantime I wait for the postwoman to bring my very first PCBs created with Fritzing ;-))

Well that was hours of deleting nodes - stupid EAGLE to FZ converter -.
RPi hat - blank.fzpz (12.0 KB)

Thank you, Old_Grey !!!
This is great support of newbies like me. I really appriciate your work and support.
And yes, this is what I was looking for. Wohooow!!
And on top my exploratioy spirit is awake now. I will try to better understand of how to do these shapes by myself.
Inkscape will be the next step for me I guess.

PS: my first PCBs arrived today from AISLER. It is a bit like Christmas (at least the first time ;-))

Make sure you throughly check it with a gerber viewer - Gerbv is free - before you order stuff or you could be wasting $.