Beginner looking for breadboard power

as newbie I did not find the “parts-definition” for those bredboard power supplies

As they are in common use there must be parts however I didn’t find them. Pls be patient and give me instructions where to find or how to import them.


Don’t know about the first one but the ywrobot one is available here:

In general google is your friend. I usually use the search term

“fritzing part ywrobot” (in this case) as there are lots of Fritzing parts available that aren’t in the distributed parts bin (yet). As well a search in this forum would have found this one (as someone else asked earlier). The projects area on the main site is another good source of parts as well.


thanks for your hint! The link you send lead to a “page not fond” however google for Ywrobot - as you suggest - lead to Fritzing Parts a set of verry usefull pages. Useful if one know how to proceed. Unfortunately something I don’t know. I’m still at the verry beginning using Fritzing. May I ask for your support?

Sure, you need to download the fzpz file from the web site to a local directory, then start Fritzing and file->open then navigate to the directory with the fzpz file and click on it. That will load the part in to the mine parts bin on the left side of the screen. Drag the part from there to breadboard (or schematic or pcb) and the part will appear in your sketch.


call me stupid if you like but I don’t see a fzpz file to download.
Clicking on one a part e.g. no. 9 my
browser (firefox for WIN10) opens a window displaying a lot of cryptic
characters :frowning: Right click doesn’t help either it display the usual choice
as “open in a new windo” etc.
Thank-you for being patient.

Hmm, does the same for me on Firefox on Win7. While I expect that a “save file as” would get the file (it appears to be displaying the fzpz file instead of downloading it), I happen to have a copy of the fzpz here so uploading it here is easier:

YwRobot_Breadboard_Power_Supply_v5.fzpz (87.4 KB)

clicking on this should do a correct download of the file.


Bingo Peter!
Thank-you so much for your support. Finally I wasn’t so stupid et all :wink:
Question now is it a firefox fault, is the web site offering the “download” flawed …

As a newbie I’m not in the position to report an error - don’t know where don’t know how. Will you take the task helping other users looking not so stupid?

Thank-you have a great day!

Btw. using Microsoft Edge instead of Firefox works fine

Have fun!

In general this is a hopeless task. The blog post is three or four years old and the author is unlikely to make changes even if I knew what changes to ask him to make and how to contact him. The usual answer is that you need to figure out a way to make your browser do what you want. I may have had to use the “save this page as a file” trick to get the version I posted, it was 6 months or more ago and I simply don’t remember.


With Firefox 52 on Fedora, right click the link, and “Save Link As” worked for me. Instead of clicking then saving the page.

The problem is what file types the browser thinks is should simply display, versus the ones it thinks (is configured for) are binary and should be downloaded.

thank-you for the hint. It works fine for me too :slight_smile: