Basicmicro Roboclaw 30Ax2

Hi there, Im using this driver for dc motors and i tried making a part of my own but without luck.
can anyone help?
also i can’t upload his datasheet cause it’s in pdf so here is a link to the downloads section of the website
website :

This should do what you want. PCB view is suppressed as being not useful but breadboard and schematic are present.

roboclaw_2x45a.fzpz (30.5 KB)


Thank you very much!
I would like to ask you a few questions because i tried making this part on my own with no luck (unfortunately I can’t send the fritzing part i tried making)

  1. How does one suppress the pcb view?
  2. Can one suppress the schematics view aswell?
  3. I uploaded my breadboard view. the drawing i see is blank in the fritzing part editor (and also when i save) . could it be that my SVG I drew was bad?
    EDIT: one more question. my breadboard picture was red, could it be that red has a problem in the “breadboard” view?

You can upload parts (the .fzpz file) via the upload function (7th icon from the left in the reply menu.) To make this part I swiped the image from the pdf data sheet for breadboard and overlayed that with the headers. The work flow I use is detailed here:

One of this series shows the various ways to suppress pcb. Schematic can be suppressed in a similar manner or by the hybrid keyword.

The svg being incorrect is the most likely problem. The red square in a view usually indicates that the connectors defined in the fzp file are not correctly defined in the svg file for the view.


will read the forum you sent. thank you very much!