ATTINY85 usb part?

Here is another part I can’t seem to find anywhere…

ATTINY85 usb version:


Trying to search images as well writing “fritzing part …” had some luck but not that much…

If I do anything wrong, kindly let me know thanks!

There is one with a pcb USB connector (but looks to be the same pins from a Fritzing perspective) available here:

other than that there doesn’t appear to be anything and you would need a custom part.


Thanks Peter.

I edited the original post to add more info I could find around, if anyone is interested to create a part.

Still pretty new to all this. I’ll have to learn how to create parts down the line.

This part should do what you want. As usual the mounting holes in pcb are not by default drilled. If you want mounting holes in your sketch you need to drag a hole from core parts/ pcb in to the sketch place it over the circle in silkscreen and set the size appropriately.

ATTINY85-usb.fzpz (10.6 KB)


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You ROCK Peter! :wink:

Hopefully Iʼll get the ease you have soon