Arduino Nano CNC Shield V4. Please help me find this part

Please help me find this part.
Arduino Nano CNC Shield V4
Thank you so much

There doesn’t appear to be a Fritzing part for this and not enough information here to make one. We would need a web site with the dimensions (which are here) and the connector information (which is not) to make such a part.


Maybe this information will work.

Or need more technical specifications?

This part should do what you want.

keystudio-Ks0152.fzpz (31.7 KB)

Note pcb view is suppressed as not being useful and if you wish (and with some effort) add the A4988 and Nano, to the sketch and “install” them in breadboard like this. First you need to set the grid size to 0.025in

as the pins don’t align on 0.1in boundaries. Then drag the A4988 and Nano parts in from core parts (note the connections are red to indicate not connected.)

then move the part (moving the shield will not work to make a connection) until all the pins light green to indicate they are connected to the shield

then in schematic the A4988 and Nano parts appear with rats nest lines to the shield ready for routing.

The layout isn’t perfect because the original parts aren’t designed for this particular use but it works with some effort.


Thank you. This is what was needed