Arduino MKR ENV Shield

Hello all,
I am making a project schematic that requires the Arduino MKR ENV Shield. I did a bit of searching and couldn’t find it anywhere. I’m new to Fritzing, and I would make a part if I knew how. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help me out :grinning:.

Welcome aboard. It doesn’t look too complex (I have done a number of other MKR boards) and eagle files are available. so I’ll have a look at making a part.


Can you also make me a liquid level sensor? Thanks so much. Sorry for the repeated requests.

Sure, that one is close to trivial, only three leads. It will probably be up first :slight_smile: .


Don’t mean to rush you, but when can I expect the parts?

Likely later today. I’m currently doing the level sensor and I don’t expect the MKR to take much longer because it is a minor mod of one of the other parts.


OK, thanks so much! :+1:

Here is the liquid level sensor:

LLC200D3SH-LLPK1.fzpz (4.7 KB)



Thank you so much! :+1: :+1:. @vanepp you are the best!

And the MKR ENV shield:

MKR-ENV-shield.fzpz (14.4 KB)


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Sorry for the late reply, but thank you so much! I appreciate the help greatly. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not a problem, both were easy for me to do (less so for someone not familiar with making parts.) The last one was actually the easier of the two as it only involved removing connections for the CAN bus from the CAN bus shield I had already done for someone and changing breadboard a bit.