Anyone got a Hall Effect A3144 Sensor part for Fritzing?

Looked online, found nothing, if anyone can upload the part it would be greatly appreciated.

A web search for “fritzing part hall effect” found several projects using the sensor. There is a hall effect sensor in the core library. Using “search” in Fritzing for “hall” gets 8 results for me. One of which is actually a sensor breakout board. If none of that is what you want, then more information is needed. Like a specific sensor part where a datasheet can be looked up to base the part on.

yea, i just want the hall effect sensor without the board, its a small black part with 3 legs

Something like

It looks like a simple part, but there are plenty of others here better at creating parts than me.

Looks like this:

To properly create a part file needs more than an image. It needs the dimensions, which is why I did the search for the data sheet. “a3144 hall effect sensor datasheet” turned up the previously posted link among others.

Oh i didnt know, im new here, first day on the forum

I did not made exactly for A3144… But it has same pin-out…
You can change the part number…

126. Hall Effect Sensor (WSH130).fzpz (7.8 KB) (updated)

It literately took mins to find.

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Wow, I didn’t find that before… Maybe I ignore that for diff language or something…
It has proper pcb layout…
But, because I normally home etch… I made it normal…

this one is the best, thank you so much for the link