Any 5 pin TO-220 packages already available?

I’m trying to build a circuit around the LM2575 step-down voltage regulator which has five, stepped pins on a TO-220 package. Sadly it’s not a part that’s in the program but are there any packages that use that footprint? I’m working on adding the component myself but I’m having trouble with editing an existing model for my purposes. I think I’ve almost got the .svg file for PCB pads worked out but nothing more.

Have I missed any similar parts?

I remember Peter making something with offset pins, but I can’t remember if it was some sort of array. You’ll have to wait for him.

Also link the datasheet for what you have, as it saves people searching all the time.

Ah! OK, thanks very much. The Datasheet can be found here:

As I say, I’ve managed to produce PCB and Schematic .svg files so if I can figure out how to modify an existing component I can do it myself, but it’s not quite that straight forward.

The svg have to be in a certain configuration for FZ, and that’s a bit hard to explain by text.
If you want to make more parts there is a tutorial, otherwise we will have to wait to find out what Vanepp made last time.

I only got as high as the 4 lead straight version in top view in this post:

A google search for “frtizing part lm2575” turns up a part (SMD though) on github, but it is broken in a variety of ways (for starters the fzpz file format is incorrect so it won’t load). I corrected that but breadboard is also misaligned, but it in any case makes a good place to start from though as the fzp file looks to be correct. You can substitute your pcb and svg files in to this part (just unzip the fzpz file below to get the .fzp and 4 svg files, modify them and rezip them, then post them here via the 7th icon from the left in the reply menu) and I can make any changes needed to fix things up.

LM2575.fzpz (7.9 KB)


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Fantastic, thanks Peter! I’ll take a whirl at incorporating my .svg files into the fzpz file and see if I can’t get it all working. Obviously if I can then i’ll share the file out to you guys.

Fingers crossed and thanks again!


Not the pcb svg in that part is SMD and thus isn’t suitable for through hole which you need. Through hole needs both copper1 and copper0 layers and SMD only uses copper1. You may be best to copy the pcb svg of a 5 pin header and move the pads around (they will also have the likely appropriate hole size of .038 in set). If you get stuck remember you can upload you non working part and one of us will assist. Parts making is complex and poorly documented.


What was that part you made with the offset row of legs, was it some sort of SIP array or something.

One of the wireless things I think, as I recall I was complaining about the pcb view being sloppy as it wasn’t aligned but it turns out the real device is made that way for some reason. That offset wasn’t much, something like only .05in I think.


I’m in need of that LM2575 also.
Can’t find a sample with a 5pin TO220 as this regulator has 0.067/1.702 pins and 0.356/0.014 pads. Is there already any progress in development of this part?

Can you be more specific. So the LM2575 above is different, do you want one with a different case, i.e. 314A or 314B, or the D2PAK one.

I think the problem likely is the one above is both smd and broken. The OP had some svg files he was going to load so I didn’t do more than edit the fzp so the part actually loaded. It isn’t a TO220 with offset leads (which the OP and it sounds like this person) wanted.) Perhaps the OP will post his version or I could fix up this part to be through hole if I know which package is wanted (there are several).


Is this the same one.

Actually I meant the one further up in this thread, I hadn’t remembered fixing that one (and don’t remember if it is offset leads, I think maybe not), but if it will do by all means use it :-). One or the other of them wanted a part with offset leads.


Yeah. you make so many parts dotted all over the place I worry they end up getting lost.

May I suggest that any of you that create a lot of parts and post them on the forum to start your own thread for just your parts.

I mean to clean them all up and submit them on github so they get it to the repository, I just haven’t gotten there yet …


You may suggest it… we have all thought about it… it’s a lot of work so we have never got around to it. There would be too many parts for a thread. Github would probably be better. They really need to be catalog in some kind of order so we know what we got and make them easy to find. I thought about it many times just never came up with a good way to organize them… and usually too busy doing something else.

Vanepp pretty much makes and fixes all the parts so it’s only his posts that have to be indexed, and because most are in Part Help they get scattered. Sure you can do a search, but some parts are similar to others but with different part numbers, and that may make a central repository/post quicker to find stuff. If I get bored I will make the post and link all the parts, because Peter has enough on his plate.

I was meaning ones own parts. Each time you post a part you would post it in your own thread and if you made the part because of another thread you would post a link in that thread to your part thread. This would allow you to update your parts without leaving a trail of broken files and also make it much easier to find your own parts when you want to link to it later when asked. Obviously putting them on github and making a pull request to have them added to the main arts repo is best but github can be intimidating and can actually deter people from helping.