Analog Multimeter part

Hello to all
I am looking for a Fritzing part for an analog multimeter


This is likely as close as you are going to come (and it isn’t analog!)


Thanks but i need an analogic meter.


I don`t know of one. If you have a web site describing what you need, one perhaps could be made.


I am building a clock with 3 analog multimeters, the hands will display hours, minutes and seconds via the PWM ports of an arduino and I am looking for a Fritzing template to be able to edit a schematic for a tutorial in Instructables, if I don’t find the template it’s not a big deal, my knowledge in Fritzing doesn’t allow me to edit the template myself.
Thanks for your help though.

Patrick, French Maker

Recently I’ve made a very simple analog meter for generic uses.
Try this, if it helps you…
248. Analog meter.fzpz (3.2 KB)

This is exactly what I was looking for.
A very big thank you to you