7 segment display with 2 dp and 14 pins THT

Hi, I am trying to create a project and I can’t find a component or any generic one that has the same pins number. I uploaded the data sheet and it is a 7 segment display called MAN72A but has 14 Pins and two dp plus the 7 segments common anode

The way I read that data sheet, the MAN72A is in a DIP 14 package with 300 mil spacing, but it only has one decimal point (connected to pin 6). That is on the left side, but there is only one. If all you are (really) interested in, is getting a component with the right number of pins and spacing, you can use a generic IC from the the core parts. When you initially drag it from the parts library, it only has 8 pins, but that can be changed in Inspector.

@microMerlin 's suggestion is the sensible one and will indeed work. Luckily for you I am continuing my streak of never being sensible about parts, and cloned one from the existing 7 segment displays. That should have been trivial, but internally the 7 segment displays are a mess. In any case here is a part that should do you. PCB has pad (although the ones that aren’t used by the MAN72A can’t be connected to, they exist in PCB and will be drilled and plated so you can use a 14 pin IC socket to socket the display).

MAN72A.fzpz (7.4 KB)


Wow man, you’re the best thanks a million really appreciate it

Once you learn how to make parts (which takes a long time) making them is fairly quick. So it is usually easier for one of us to make a part for someone than let them struggle with trying to make one.


Thanks mate. However as I always say to my team a smart employee is the one who makes his manager or someone else make the work for him. A passionate employee is the one who learn how to do it and never depend on someone else, as I am newbie in this fields can you suggest a tutorial or a video that will guide me in doing or creating parts in fritzig as I am passionate about it and I can invest a lot of time to learn it

These two apply to the latest version, most of the rest are for older versions of Fritzing. In general documentation is lacking so suggestions for improvement are welcome.

The way I learned was asking questions here, but there were more folks that had been with Fritzing for a long time posting here then, and most of them have now fallen away. When you hit problems feel free to post the .fzpz for the part or a .fzz file for a sketch and we will have a look.