3.5mm TRS jack wanted


I have searched but can’t find a 3.5mm TRS jack like this one:

This is a more detailed view:

Really appreciate it if someone could guide or help!

This part is likely as close as you are going to get

Fritzing doesn’t support slots in parts so the tabs in pcb for your desired part would need to be 2.2mm holes which is likely unsuitable.


Ok thanks for the info!

If you are planning on using wires to connect the jack to the pcb (as opposed to mounting the jack on the pcb) things become somewhat easier. If you want to mount the jack on the pcb using a part designed for that would be more appropriate.


I’m making a eurorack module so attaching the jacks to the front panel and wiring them to the pcb is a very good suggestion thank you!

How do I make a pcb wire connection in fritzing? A single hole that is?

A single pin header would be what I use like this:

you can then duplicate the part in the sketch to make more pins. This sets a 0.038in hole in a pad in pcb which will accept either a wire or a 0.1in header if you want to make the connections plugable.


Thank you again, I really appreciate it!